Top 10 Spring 2017 Pantone Colours

Top 10 Spring Pantone Colors

from New York Fashion Week

After seeing all the different incredible shows on the New York Fashion Week spring 2017 runways, the top 10 spring/ summer 2017 colors by color expert company Pantone. It appears that many of the spring 2017 Pantone colors can already be found in our closets and that is a lovely thought.

On the New York Fashion Week alone there were 119 shows with color ranges that could be truly wacky or utterly inspiring. At the end of the day though, it is a question of numbers and how many people use certain variations of colors, all quite interesting but also tedious work it appears for us non-experts in this particular aspect of the business.

As tomorrow is the first day of fall and the spring 2017 Pantone colors are available from now, the seasons not being an issue, we so look forward to showing up in hues that are perfectly lovely, albeit meant for wearing a few months later. Though with hues like Kale and Hazelnut included, it is rather hard not to see them work well with the fall and winter seasons as well.

There are a few foodie colors included in this top 10 list actually, from the pink yarrow that is like a red beet to the greenery that reminds us of avocado toast. The spring/ summer 2017 colors, obviously, are not only for the women but for the male fashion lovers as well who generally may tend towards the muted hues such as Niagara and Lapis, though the more adventurous could definitely pull off the red-orange hue Flame, or the Primrose Yellow, though some designers have been pushing the gender boundaries using these colors throughout their collections.

The sense of imagination was felt clearly throughout the first batch of shows and the Pantone experts have certainly felt it. The final conclusion? The spring season will be focusing on the more accessible and flexible colors as a reflection of an ever-evolving society.

As Eiseman noted, “Designers applied color in playful, yet thoughtful and precise combinations to fully capture the promises, hope and transformation that we yearn for each spring.”

What exactly are all 10 colors of the Pantone spring 2017 palette included in their semi-annual report?

#1. Niagara 17-4123

Altuzarra certainly held a certain love for this gorgeous hue that is reminiscent of a mighty waterfall, often escribed as the denim color on the top 10 list. It is a soft blue hue, a gentle denim wash really, and it can be matched with near anything. It has appeared on Carolina Herrera’s ball gowns, as translucent detailing for Zac Posen, and so much more.


#2. Primrose Yellow 13-0755

This is a buttery, sunny yellow that can be seen all over the runway and is versatile enough to be worn in both the cooler and warmer weathers. This one reminds us of nature and goodness, of delightful days and interesting nights. It can be easily paired with Island Paradise and Hazelnut.


#3. Lapis Blue 19-4045

Navy blues are always loved on the runway and on the streets, offering the slimming factor of black but still giving the outfit a colorful edge. The Lapis blue has lots of vitality to it and an inner energy and radiance that we certainly can get used to.

It is a versatile color, not boring in the least, anchoring and looking great with most other hues on the list. It is the color of the gorgeous stone known as lapis lazuli, the richness of the shade great for long autumn dresses as well as lovely accessories used over the next few seasons.


#4. Flame 17-1462

Bright and easy to pair with nearly everything else, this is a top color for spring 2017 on the Pantone top 10 that Tory Burch rather loved to utilize and we have seen on so many runway shows overall.

It would look great with gentler hues and perfect for autumn and spring athleisure outfits. This is a gregarious hue with lots of heat and is totally into the dramatic entrance. Check out Rag & Bone, Gabriela Hearst and Lela Rose for more options.


#5. Island Paradise 14-4620A

If you like things more on the tropical, refreshingly cool blue side of the color scheme, you will love the Island Paradise addition to the palette, with Victoria Beckham including it on her velvet dresses, Lela Rose on her lace dress and it was simply astounding when Christian Siriano mixed the shade in with the more fiery Flame top color.

It looks great on dresses and is perfectly made for the spring, while still managing to look incredible for the autumn months. Below-the-knee dresses would be best with this, with any kind of sleeve, preferably with a lacy layout.


#6. Pale Dogwood 13-1404

As lovely as the flower is, the subtle pale dogwood shade is perfect for all seasons. The muted shade of pink is lovely and can be worn specifically with browns and richer colors, the Flame also popping to mind as a great choice.

Banana Republic showed great love for Pale Dogwood. It was seen as an extension to the Rose Quartz hue that was reigning big of late, and one of the better combinations seen has been with the lovely Kale.


#7. Greenery 15-0343 (2017 Pantone’ s Color of the Year)

When you long for the great outdoors and desire to bring it to the world of your fashion, this is what comes out of it. The shade is lovely, reminds us of avocados and wild plants, and gets us thinking about a healthy lifestyle.

It is a yellow-green coloring and goes lovely with Kale, with Lapis Blue and Island Paradise. Michael Kors has a lovely set of these happening in his collection, as well as Zac Posen and Trina Turk.


#8. Pink Yarrow 17-2034

Red beets anyone? This is a rather feminine color and totally lovable, used extensively in cosmetics over the years. Add it to a garment and Pantone color experts are positive it will only get you compliments.

Nanette Lepore’s collection beautifully showcased this and we cannot be happier with the results. It is vibrant and bold and perfect for some leather patchwork as seen on the Roberto Cavalli runway.


#9. Kale 18-0107

Since greens and nature and lovely bits only found outside are a top trend for the colors on the top 10 spring 2017 hues, it certainly makes sense to include some Kale. It is more of an army green color and that is perfect for the fall season.

It can be seen on DKNY in some more spring and summer style clothing, such as micro shorts and bralettes, but it looks equally as awesome on an army jacket or silken trousers you can wear to work.


#10. Hazelnut 14-1315

While true hazelnut coloring is much darker than this particular very neutral and entirely versatile hue, it was certainly a shade that caught one’s attention as being perfect for a year round party. It is light and gentle, without added effects, allowing you to blend in or stand out, depending on how you dress it up.

Baja East brought us some awesome Hazelnut designs, particularly in the overs over an oversized fringed sweater look. Perfect must-have for the moment as well as the coming season!


Photos courtesy of Pantone